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Let Em Ride Poker Strategy

Let Em Ride is an online casino table game based on the game of poker, where the player makes numerous bets or folds out of the hand early, only risking the bets in play at the time. It’s played with a standard 52-card deck, and players try to get at least a pair of tens to win the hand.

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Let Em Ride has some basic strategy rules to follow so you can diminish the house edge to as little as possible. Learning these basic rules of let em ride and you will save you lots of bets and you’ll have a much better chance of going on a good run of cards for a profitable Let Em Ride session.

When deciding if the first three cards on the initial showing are good enough to make the second bet, one should first look for a pair of tens or higher. If you manage to get cards that good in Let Em Ride, you know that this will be a winning hand and making the rest of the bets is a no-brainer.

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The other situations where a player would want to continue in the hand is when they are dealt any three cards to a royal flush, three-card straight flush, inside straight flush, three-card double inside straight flush with two high cards of 10 or higher, and if they’re holding any 10, jack, king, or queen.

To decide whether to make the third bet your first four cards should be at least a par of tens or better, any four cards of the same suit, an open-ended four-card straight, or four cards of ten or higher. Any other combinations should be mucked, and your first two bets should be forfeited.

In Let Em Ride he reason that you draw on the straight and royal flush opportunities is because of the big payout that comes with hitting these hands. The royal flush pays 1000:1 and the straight flush pays 200:1. All the other draw options are an attempt to hit a hand that’s good enough to be a winner at 1:1. A big extra bonus can also be won if the player makes a $1 wager on the payout schedule. The royal flush is good for $30,000, but it’s a long shot.

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