KYC Documents and Casino Fax Back Forms

This article will take a closer look at online casino fax back forms.  We hopes to make players aware of what they are to expect when they attempt to make a withdrawal at an online casino. If using bitcoin none of this is necessary.

A online casino fax back form is a form that can be downloaded at SlotsPlus online casino. Quite often, it’s a security measure that many online casinos have in place to verify an online casino player’s account. By filling out and faxing the online casino fax back form, the online casino operator will have complete confidence in dealing with you. Due to the anonymity of the internet, it has become all too easy for lying and scamming to take place. The casino has to absorb these fraud costs.

Why is it necessary to complete Casino Fax back Forms

Generally, online casinos like SlotsPlus Online Casino will require you to fill out and send back Fax Back Forms. This only happens once you decide to make your first withdrawal. In this way, the casino will get to identify fraudulent players before any funds are sent to players. Obviously, if a stolen credit card is used, if it hasn’t already been picked up, this will be confirmed once the documents are faxed back to the casino. Sometimes casinos will also get you to do the same thing before allowing you to make your first deposit. This is to confirm your identity and banking information which has been provided when creating an account with the casino.

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It is a bit of a hassle for casino players to have to go through this withdrawal process, but you can understand why online casinos require players making their first withdrawals to do this.  Once you confirm your details with the casino before making your first withdrawal, it will generally only take 48 hours or less to become verified by the casino. You won’t have to do it again, unless of course, you open an account with another online casino. Once you complete this step, your withdrawals will be processed within the normal time frame. Most withdrawals are typically processed within 24 hours.

Completing These Forms

Completing this step of the withdrawal process is fairly straightforward. Simply download the fax back form file to your computer. Fill out all pertinent details. All online casino fax back forms will be different. Although generally they will require the same basic information. This includes details such as your personal information and banking details. In addition to scanned copies of your debit/credit card that was used for deposits. Finally photo identification, plus whatever else it asked for you to complete on the form.

Even though it may seem a bit intrusive to some players to have to send copies of your debit/credit card, usually they only require the last 4 digits of the credit/debit number. In addition to a scanned copy of the back of the card to verify your signature. The 3 digit verification code may be hidden. Then, you’ll just need to email or fax a scanned copy of the fax back form to the email address or fax number provided. This is so the casino can confirm the provided details and process the withdrawal request.

Confirming Who You Are

This is to confirm you’re actually the person you say you are when creating an online casino account as well as the actual cardholder who used the card to fund your online casino account, so they can verify that the player is who they say they are and is authorized to use the payment method for casino deposits.

If you have any questions regarding the casino fax back form that needs to be filled out, then get in contact with the casino’s customer support team. They will be all too happy to help with any issues you have with completing this form. The available contact methods will differ from casino to casino. Generally you will be able to submit a support request via live chat on the website. You can also use telephone, or you can send them an e-mail.

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