Don’t Opt Out of the SlotsPlus Casino Newsletter

When we sign up to a new online casino like Slotsplus we’re always asked if we want to be sent the SlotsPlus Casino Newsletter. Most of us decline this option. It is because we don’t trust that the online casino will not bombard our email accounts. Sending countless emails, trying to force more action out of us.

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Most U.S. online casinos are connected with other casinos. Furthermore opting for one casino’s newsletter often ends up being numerous ones. The amount of emails that one will get from an online casino is not what it once was. Therefore you’ll likely be surprised how few you will get from the reputable casinos like SlotsPlus.

SlotsPlus Casino Newsletter Frequency

We feel that if we allow them to send the newsletter it could open a door to a ton of unwanted media. Most of us just opt to visit the promotional page on the casino’s website. We do this instead of receiving the newsletter. Players rarely visit the page enough to take advantage of all the bonus offers. Unless we check the page with regularity, many advantages will be missed. Furthermore this could make a big difference in the amount of action that will be available to us.

Many casino bonuses are temporary and are only offered on a daily or weekly basis. Unless one checks the promotion page every day they could easily miss out on a big free roll or generous reload offer. If you receive the emails from the newsletter you’ll always be aware when a good option is available to you. Additionally if you play with any frequency these bonuses can add up to a lot of savings. Over a long period of time this could amount to a lot of money, especially if you hit a jackpot while playing with bonus cash.

Avoiding Emails

If you want to avoid the unwanted emails cluttering up your e-business, you can set up a separate email account for your online casino operations. You’ll get all the updates and bonus offers on your instantly. Furthermore your regular email account won’t be filled with offers from casinos. When it’s convenient you can go through the offers. Decide if any of them work for your bankroll and game.

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